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5 Preaching Tips To Help With Sermons On Sensitive Topics

Here are 5 preaching tips that I hope can help you with preaching on sensitive topics.

The Authority of God

Pastors cannot avoid controversial subjects if they are preaching biblical messages and those sensitive areas must be addressed because God’s Word addresses them. What the preacher must do is to remind the church that the real authority is God Himself and what He says in His Word is what they are responsible for preaching and that is the whole counsel of God from the whole Word of God. You cannot avoid offending some and even shocking others but we cannot compromise the truth of the Bible. It is what it is because God says it is. Pastors are held accountable to God and not to the church. That sounds a bit contrary to today’s politically correct world and some churches have bought into that idea that we must not offend because we don’t want to ruffle feathers but you can’t gather eggs without ruffling a few feathers. Tell the congregation that what you are about to preach on is straight from the Word of God and is not your own opinion or ideas. If the Word of God has it, we must teach it. There’s nothing wrong with warning some of the congregants that the subject of today’s sermon is on a sensitive area. You might even give notice to the parents of young children that they might not want to hear certain things and you can give them the option of screening their children from certain sermons but you can’t hide the truth. The Word of God comforts the afflicted but it afflicts the comfortable and it is worth the risk of offending some if it means speaking the truth out of the Bible. The Word of God cuts but it cuts in order to heal. Place the responsibility on God for that is the only true source of truth in the world. Make sure you demonstrate from Scriptures that you’re being completely biblical.

4 Red Flags To Signal It Is Time For A Church To Fire Their Pastor

Here are 4 major red flags that when you see them, it might be the signal for the church to fire their pastor.

Troubled Marriage or Sexual Immorality

If a church begins to notice that there is real friction between the spouse and the pastor but it’s not enough of course to fire any pastor it could be a red flag. All marriages go through times of difficult. That is completely normal and to be expected but when you begin to notice changes, keep praying for the pastor and his family or begin to pray for them if you haven’t already been doing so. The pastor and his family have a big target on their backs because the enemy would love nothing more than to bring down the spiritual leader of the church. Worse than marital problems or friction between the pastor and his wife is that of sexual immorality because that is an issue that can cause a pastor to be disqualified before God. If you have heard any rumors or heard something from others, first go to the pastor privately. Don’t repeat what you heard or saw as it could only be rumors and gossiping about something that is not substantiated and that is sinful. Something as serious as this must be validated by two or more witnesses before something can be established as true. We must first give the pastor the benefit of the doubt and it’s worth talking to them in private as the model of Matthew 18 shows us “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over” (18:15). If it is discovered that the pastor is having an affair and if he is married and thereby committing adultery, he is already unqualified to be a pastor (Titus 1:6; 1st Tim 3:2) and that is more than a red flag, it is a warning and a cause for a church to fire the pastor. 

5 Tips To Making Your Church Board Meeting Run Smoother

Here are 5 ways that your church board meeting can run a lot smoother and can be more productive.

Prayer Before the Meeting

I remember a very lively board meeting once that seemed to get out of hand and the thing that I came to as a conclusion was that we failed to pray before the meeting ever started. I believe that this was my own fault. I should have remembered to ask for prayer before the meeting ever started. I know that “God is not a God of confusion but of peace” (1st Cor 14:33) and we had a lot of confusion and tempers flared because we did not submit the meeting and ourselves before God and ask for His Spirit to be present in the proceedings and in the members conduct at the meeting. Never start a board meeting, or any meeting for that matter, without prayer. You are just asking for trouble if you don’t. If you don’t then the Devil can be proceeding at the meeting instead of the Spirit of God and that never ends well at all. Make the Spirit of God the Moderator or Chairman of the Board or the board will splinter like a piece of lumber ran through a saw mill.

3 Ways Pastors Can Empower Sunday School Teachers

Here are 3 simple ways that you can empower your Sunday school teachers

Publically Thank Them

On occasions I like to single out those who serve in the church and sometimes do so during the sermon so that all of the church can know that I (and we should) appreciate them. Among one of those is our deacon who has been a faithful man of God who takes care of the church and is also our treasurer who pays the bills, looks after church property, and is himself a great Bible teacher. I thank God for them literally during the message in what I often call the “three E-migos;” to encourage them, to exhort them, and to edify them publically. I think that we take so many of those in the church for granted and especially Sunday school teachers. We expect them to be there every Sunday. We don’t give them a second thought that during the week they’ve been diligently studying the Word to be prepared for their lesson for the purpose of building up and teaching the Body of Christ, the church.

5 Qualities Of A Good Church Elder Or Deacon

Here are five qualities of a good church elder or a church deacon according to biblical standards.

The Biblical Model

I don’t want to venture outside of the biblical qualifications of an elder or deacon so I am going to use the advice of Paul which was given in Titus chapter one and in 1st Timothy chapter three. These will be our guide and they should be upheld as the only qualifications that God seems fit to give us and that is good enough for me so I will base the five qualities of a good church elder or deacon on these Scriptures for if God deems them most important, then it is most important for me and I would assume for you too. For one thing, a deacon means a servant, minister, or attendant which is what the Greek word “diakonos” means, so first and foremost, a deacon or a church elder must be a servant of the church but here is what I read that both Titus chapter one and 1st Timothy chapter three mention.


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